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Virtual offices and telecommuting have become increasingly popular these days. Not only does this option prove beneficial to employers but employees can benefit too. Before deciding whether or not to go the virtual office, virtual secretary and virtual staff route, it is important to understand the pros and cons.


With less people commuting to work via car, bus or train, it stands to reason that virtual offices are great for the environment. Not to mention the fact that they can help reduce traffic congestion and the nightmare of finding a parking space. Consider how much time and fuel is wasted by drivers trying to make their way to work every morning. Plus the fight to get home isn’t any easier with peak hour lasting for hours instead of just 60 minutes as the name suggests.

Business productivity

Instead of wasting time on your way to and from work, this time can be used for far more productive purposes. Because commuting is eliminated, employees can spend their time on work-related matters or at least spending more time with their loved ones.
Younger workers are particularly attracted to virtual job opportunities. The fact that they don’t have a boss watching their every move and the freedom that comes with working from home is incentive enough. Nobody is forced to conform to any sort of dress code and they could even work in their pyjamas if they felt like it!
According to studies, companies operating virtual offices experience decreases in sick leave, employee retention and a higher level of commitment. By allowing flexibility, employees are able to perform necessary tasks during the day and work at night if need be. The possibilities are endless and it’s a situation where everyone comes out a winner.

Suitability for Telecommuting

It is important to remember that not all employees and managers are suitable for virtual working environments. Telecommuters need to be dedicated, self-disciplined, motivated and goal orientated. They need to be able to work unsupervised and still provide top quality work. Managing a remote team of workers can be very challenging for a manager and it is the manager’s responsibility to make sure that everyone is pulling their own weight and attaining the required targets on a regular basis.
In addition, there are some jobs that simply cannot be done remotely. Construction workers and healthcare practitioners are examples of such workers. Jobs that can be done via telecommuting include admin tasks, writing, telesales and similar tasks that require minimal contact with the public.
Save money

Finally, it should stand to reason that businesses can save a fair amount of money by not having to rent or purchase a commercial property. Most of your dealings will be electronic (via email) so there will be hardly any need for papers and other stationery. This will result in a more profitable business.

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