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When it comes to internet and social media, there are a lot of small companies that have created business pages so that they are “out there”, but most of them don’t really make any effort to build a strong image and connect with their customers. It has been said that social media is the new way of free advertising, but some companies took this for granted and thought that just by opening a business page on Facebook or Twitter it would miraculously boost their sales.  It wasn’t long before they realised that it’s not really like that, so they gave up and abandoned their pages.
The truth is that without putting a lot of hard work and creating online relationships with your customers, you are likely to have just an average page among millions of other average pages out there.
So what should you do to be different, you may ask.  The best advice you can get is to be yourself and show the human side of your company.  Sure, you want to sell, but that’s a process that will not happen overnight with the help of social media. First you need to create reasons why your potential customers want to follow your company, and then you need to earn their trust. People go on Facebook to relax and have fun, so pushing promotional messages at them won’t be received with open arms. If you chose to have a presence on Twitter, be sure to have a well prepared team that is able to answer any request within an average of half an hour (the optimum customer service response time on Twitter is 20 minutes) and that can deal with both positive and negative customers.
You can read here about the successful story of a small jewellery company run by two sisters, that used visual social media platforms, like Instagram and Pinterest, to boost their sales and create brand awareness.

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