My 3 Lists for Success - Bayside Business Centre
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I look back with a certain degree of fondness when I think of the days I spent working for a boss instead of being my own boss.  Don’t get me wrong, starting my own venture was the best decision I ever made, but it was also a huge change and learning experience.  I went from a one man (or rather woman) band to employing a team of my own. Since I hadn’t much in terms of start up capital, I decided to run things from the Vizz Business Centre, and while my employees worked from the comfort of their homes, so did I!  We use the business centre for meetings and as our business address, but other than that it really is easy to correspond on line instead of forcing everyone to stick to business hours.

Now, back to my transition – and what a transition it was!  Going from an employee to an employer was no simple task.  The growing pains in the beginning almost got the better of me, and if it wasn’t for this life saving list, I don’t know how I would have managed.

To Do

I have a comprehensive To Do List and it goes everywhere I do.  I keep it on my smartphone, and if I need to edit it, I can do so wherever I am.  My work To Do List is separate from my personal one, and this is how I somewhat maintain my sanity through it all.  If I had one great big list with everything on it, I am certain that it would become overwhelming.  Also, having my company set up at the Vizz Business Centre and working from home, I have to make sure that my personal life does not affect my work life.  I also add dates, deadlines and other details to my lists so that I am able to arrange them in order of priority.  For example, anything due the following week will take priority over something due in three weeks.

Team and Contacts

I keep a comprehensive list that details each and every member of my team along with their roles, the projects they are currently working on (and future projects) and contact information.  I also keep details of companies I have outsourced for SEO purposes and my on line reputation management team.  Instead of having to focus on my on line image, I hand those responsibilities over to real experts so I can focus on what I do best, which is to run the business, and set up meetings with suppliers and clients.


This might seem irrelevant to some but you really can’t take aim if you don’t have a target.  In life and in business, I have clear short and long term goals.  Each goal that I have listed includes its very own plan to help me get there.  It’s like a diet really, if you want to lose 20 lbs, you need to make a plan, and if you don’t set your goal weight as your target, you won’t be nearly as motivated or encouraged by the results and milestones along the way.  It’s about setting your sights on the prize and strategically going after what you want.  Each time I reach one of my targets, I up my game.  This way I am always pushing myself and striving for better.  In every aspect of life and in business, you need to have a driving force, and you need to keep your conscious and subconscious mind aware of these goals at all times so that you never lose momentum.

This list brought back order to my life and it helped me go from a solo start up hopeful, to the successful business owner I am today.  If you know what you need to do, what you want to achieve, and who you need to help you get there, you’re all set for success!

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