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The desire for many people to achieve personal and professional success often results in them choosing the self employed route.  While it sounds great to be your own boss, many people who start out with the utmost enthusiasm end up feeling overwhelmed and a bit lost within a matter of months.  This is not at all unusual and it’s all part of the growing pains of going it alone.  Thankfully, you’re not the first to travel down this road and it is possible to learn a whole lot from others in the same position.

Make a move

This can be the most exciting and scariest part of it all.  You need to take what many may call a leap of faith and plunge into the unknown. You probably have some kind of business plan and strategy so you’re not jumping in completely blindfolded.  That said, you are bound to be in for several surprises so prepare yourself mentally and don’t let initial disappointments get you down.  Whenever faced with a challenge, it’s time to put that mantra of yours to good use and let it push you forward.  You cannot always wait for opportunities to present themselves when you are your own boss, you need to make them happen.

Develop your plan

Once you have navigated your way through the beginning phase, you need to set up a more in depth plan.  Take into account your initial plan as well as things you have learned along the way and develop realistic goals.  There’s no point in setting goals that are out of your reach.  That said, what might seem out of reach now could very well be in the cards in the future, so don’t dismiss such ideas completely.  Bear in mind that your plan is not set in stone and think of your journey as a scenic drive from A to B.  Your navigation system might show you the fastest route, but along the way you encounter unexpected road blocks and detours.  These might lead you slightly off course but they could hold even more unexpected treasures that you never even thought of.  Even if you think that you get nothing out of a particular experience, you still gain experience.  What you learn along the way is priceless.  Another advantage of mapping out your route to success is that you will have a visual image of where you came from, where you are and where you’re headed.  Take the time to give yourself a pat on the back as you admire your progress from time to time.  This is great for morale.

Diverse outcomes

Never underestimate yourself or your potential, and prepare yourself for success further down the road.  There are a number of hurdles that you will encounter as you move forward and many of them will catch you off guard.  Take some time to look at the examples of others who have already been through such trials.  Take note of their successes and failures so that you have a better idea of what to do and what not to do.  You should also plan for variables.  Things don’t always go according to plan and you need to be ready just in case.  Think of planning a wedding.  Perhaps you were thinking of having an outdoor ceremony in a romantic location.  What if the weather doesn’t play along on that day?  Do you have a backup location just in case?  There are things in life and business that are totally unpredictable, and this is exactly why you need to plan for them no matter how unlikely they may be.

Remember that being self-employed is work but you should also let yourself have fun and your work should not completely take over your life.  Set boundaries and limits much like office hours, or set time aside for yourself and your loved ones.

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