Step Out of Your Comfort Zone - Bayside Business Centre
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You might think that the comfort zone is a safe place to be when talking about your business, but have you thought about the fact that being too comfortable would lead to irrelevant and average? With social media, online marketing and the new technologieswhich are evolving day by day, business leaders will realise that they are challenged to step out towards the discomfort zone in order to grow and get their companies noticed.


In order to function in a discomfort zone, the CEO from Cognizant Technology Solutions, Francisco D’Souza, believes that companies and individuals need to “think fast and think forward” so that they can make immediate and good decisions, and create new business models based on the new trends and innovations which are changing all the time.


Click here to read Francisco D’Souza’s (CEO at Cognizant Technology Solutions) suggestions for enterprises, partner ecosystems, and employees who are about to embark on their own journey to navigate the discomfort zone to find opportunities.

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