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The number of people who use smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices to gain access to the internet has increased drastically over the past few months. Experts predict that, by the end of 2014, 50% of homes will own a tablet. This figure can largely be attributed to the fact that users between the age of 20 and 33 have grown accustomed to mobile internet access and the flexibility that such devices offer. 78% of this particular age group would also prefer to be able to work while on the go. It’s easy to foresee that these figures are bound to increase with time.

For this reason, it’s also understandable that businesses are gearing up to transform their office based companies into more flexible, mobile working environments. With so many wireless and online services and programmes available, the transition can be made very easily as well. Continue reading to find out more about the many advantages of mobile and virtual offices.

Your employees are no longer chained to their desks all day and, as the owner, neither are you. This kind of flexibility will attract the top candidates for each job. This is mainly because the newer generation of workers are more attracted to home-based jobs that allow them the freedom they need to work more efficiently and effectively.

Simple communication
Your mobile workers can be situated in various locations but, thanks to technology, they can communicate and share important information in a matter of minutes or even seconds! Online data storage and file sharing simplifies the process even more than physical emailing. IM is the popular alternative to phone calls and allows workers to communicate via text when voice isn’t an option (i.e. while grabbing a bite to eat or while their child is taking a nap).

Cost reduction
Instead of purchasing or renting actual office space, you can use that capital contribution for more important investment needs. Your monthly and annual overheads will be lower and, by acquiring a virtual office, you can still enjoy the benefits of a meeting room, business address and even a virtual secretary without spending a fortune. Additionally, you can also implement a BYOD policy. In other words, each employee needs to acquire and use their own device (laptop, tablet, smartphone etc). Your only possible obligation is to ensure that sensitive company data is protected by providing your employees with the necessary security software (like a high-quality anti-virus programme).

Please your customers
By being more flexible, you can pass this flexibility on to your clients and meet their needs more precisely. You can meet with them outside of regular working hours and at a location deemed suitable by yourself and the client instead of them having to take time off from work to meet you at your office.

Morale booster
Flexibility also helps improve employee satisfaction since workers are able to fulfill their obligations at work and their personal needs all on a daily basis.

More productive workers
Happy workers are productive workers and if you allow your employees the freedom to work according to their own schedule, they will be able to get a whole lot more done each day. They will also be more driven and motivated to achieve goals rather than punching in and out each day. By adopting a performance based form of compensation, as the owner, you can further encourage productivity and efficiency among your workers. This is a common practice in sales where incentives, commissions and bonuses are offered rather than massive salaries.

Professional office facilities
Just because you choose to operate a mobile or virtual office, this does not mean that you cannot have a physical address for your business, contact details, a virtual secretary and access to a meeting room and various other professional services and facilities. Virtual offices are a cost effective option for those running companies on a virtual basis and it allows them to have access to all the amenities they need without paying for actual real estate.

At Vizz Business Centre, for our Virtual Office Clients we offer a hot desk facility, a fully equipped meeting room, storage space, mail sorting, parking, and a range of technical support. For more information call us on 0843 289 7342.

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