Virtual Office Terms and Conditions - Bayside Business Centre
  1. Fees are payable to Bayside Business Centre Ltd (hereafter referred to as “The Company”) in advance
  2. The retainer and set up fee are charged and paid with the initial payment
  3. All charges are payable by Direct Debit or Standing Order
  4. Bayside Business Centre will charge a £15.00 Administration Fee per returned unpaid Direct Debit/SO
  5. Bayside Business Centre will charge a late payment fee of £10.00 on invoices not paid by the due date.
  6. When terminating the service the Client agrees to give two months notice IN WRITING.
  7. The retainer will be refunded no later than four weeks following the termination of service date
  8. If charges remain unpaid after one month, and The Company has not been contacted by the Client with instructions, and no notice of termination has been given, The Company reserves the right to continue charging for the service until the retainer is exhausted and the contract will be terminated at the Company’s discretion.
  9. Unsatisfactory references, may lead to the service being terminated without further notice.
  10. Receipt by the Company of a completed Application form and appropriate fee shall be deemed as acceptance of all these Terms and Conditions of Business.
  11. The Company reserves the right to amend or alter its scale of fees upon reasonable notice and request additional retainers where monthly usage fees exceed the retainer level.
  12. The Clients agree with the Company not to carry on any business, which could be construed as illegal, defamatory, immoral or obscene and agrees with the Company not to use the address of the Company whether directly or indirectly for any such purpose or purposes.
  13. The Company reserves the right to terminate this Agreement with any Client whose activities they feel might adversely affect it or any of its other Clients.
  14. Please note that if requested to do so, The Company will always make Client records available to the authorities should they wish to see them.
  15. If the Client changes the nature of its Business or any of the details held on file it must so inform the Company in writing.
  16. The Client may not use any of the Company’s address as its registered office (without the prior approval of the Company in writing).
  17. The Company reserves the right to terminate the service and impose a charge not in excess of the sum of the retainer paid in the event of any breach of this provision.
  18. You may receive emails from the Company relating to products and services. Please advise if you do not wish to receive these. Your details will not be passed to any third party.
  19. The Client must indemnify The Company and keep it indemnified against any losses ,claims, demands actions, proceedings, damages, costs or expenses or any other liability arising in any way from this Agreement.
  20. All Calls forwarded to the Client by Bayside Business Centre will be charged at the prevailing rate.